The more intimate of the Twin Cities, St. Paul boasts diverse neighborhoods and populations. There’s the college-oriented Macalester-Groveland, for instance, and the up-and-coming Lowertown. The historic Merriam Park and the working-class Thomas Dale.

That diversity results in a smattering of events throughout Pig’s Eye all year long: Hmong cultural festivals in Payne-Phalen, the Minnesota State Fair in Como, and Cinco de Mayo festivities on the West Side.

That’s not to mention year-round institutions such as the Summit Avenue Historic District and the trails and attractions along the Mississippi riverfront.

All that adds up to St. Paul being called “The most livable city in America.” And, the people living here do so in a wide variety of houses. When it comes to climate control in these homes, ductless heating and air conditioning has something to offer all of them.

The Capital City has a significant number of duplexes and triplexes. These are often converted from single-family dwellings. As a result, they’re not optimized for airflow.

That means you often get hot and cold spots throughout the house. And, of course, each tenant wants to control their temperature. A ductless multi-zone setup offers the flexibility to address all of that.

Then there are historic houses and vintage properties including old Victorians and turn-of-the-century cottages and bungalows. Ductless lets you upgrade the HVAC systems without changing the look and feel of a home.The installation is minimal and discrete. And, the outdoor heat pumps and condensers are barely noticeable.

Finally, ductless heating and air conditioning is a huge benefit for new luxury homes, condos, and multi-unit dwelling. It’s whisper-quiet, energy-efficient and easy to install.

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Heating and Air Conditioning in St. Paul, MN

Dual Zone Office Comfort With Ductless in St. Paul

Problem: There was no cooling in several offices in the Rectory. The Minister and staff needed to be comfortable not only for administrative tasks, but when meeting with parishioners.

Solution: Two zones of Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling will provide year-round comfort to the staff and visitors alike, giving quiet comfort all around.

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Ductless Air Conditioning Installation for this Hamline-Midway St. Paul Home

Problem: Bungalow home in the Hamline-Midway neighborhood in St. Paul needed a more efficient and cost-effective cooling solution for their home.

Solution: We added two zones of Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning and supplemental heating, with an option to add an additional zone at a later date.

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Air Conditioning a 1920’s Era Home in the Macalester-Groveland Neighborhood of St. Paul, MN

Problem: Our homeowner in the Macalester-Groveland area in St. Paul was tired of spending summer nights hot and sweaty, and wanted a better air conditioning system for his 1920’s home.

Solution: A Mitsubishi Ductless heat pump system with five zones of cooling will keep all areas of the home comfortable and ensure a quiet, peaceful night sleep for the entire family.

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