People Incorporated is a terrific organization here in Minneapolis, MN that provides short-term residential mental health stabilization services for adults in crisis at the Nancy Page Crisis Residence. We got a call from them here at Freedom Heating and Air conditioning, because their old samsung mini-split system wasn’t working, and the staff relied on these units in order to keep the kitchen and meal prep area comfortable.

The Nancy Page Crisis Center is located in a converted Tudor style home in the Loring Park neighborhood of Minneapolis, MN, built long before central air conditioning. Retrofitted with a large kitchen and food prep area to serve the needs of the residents, this space is a key part of the residence, and needs to have proper heating and cooling, especially to ensure food safety as well as comfort for those preparing meals several times a day. When the old system broke down after years of service, the time had come to replace the system. We understood immediately how important it was for the home to have the most reliable and efficient system available, to save them money on energy use each month, and to provide them with long term peace of mind on maintenance and reliability.

Ductless indoor unit installed in Minneapolis

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Advanced Allergen Filtration with Updated Ductless Splits

The design of the old system had worked well- two ductless indoor units on either side of the food prep and kitchen area, so we simply replaced the old indoor units with new Mitsubishi ductless heating and air conditioning units in the same locations.

Best ductless HVAC in Minneapolis MN

Mitsubishi ductless systems are designed using heat pump technology that allows them to work as both heaters and air conditioners. They also have an advanced filtration system that helps keep the air allergen and dust free, and that’s really important in food prep areas as you can imagine.

The new Mitsubishi indoor cassettes with their state of the art sensors will also monitor the room for both temperature and humidity, and distribute the hot or cool air evenly around the room. The units are controlled by handheld remotes or by thermostats, and the temperature can easily be adjusted to accommodate changing needs.  

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Get the Best Warranty From the Ductless HVAC Experts in Minneapolis

Ductless installation in MinneapolisBecause Freedom Heating and Air Conditioning is a certified Mitsubishi contractor, we are able to offer a twelve year parts and labor warranty on the equipment, giving People Incorporated the best possible warranty and peace of mind on the reliability of their new system.

We know that The Nancy Page home in Loring Park will be pleased with the performance of the system, but it will be the increased efficiency that will be most appreciated. Using state of the art inverter technology, Mitsubishi ductless systems use the minimum energy necessary to keep a room perfectly comfortable, any season of the year. This is like setting the cruise control on your car, and the tiny adjustments made end up saving a lot of money on energy bills, and on wear and tear of the equipment. Many of our residential customers notice they save up to 40% on their energy bills after installing ductless, and we know the efficiency of this new equipment will end up saving The Nancy Page home money as well.

If you have a business, community organization or non-profit that need an upgrade in your comfort system in your building, give us a call here at Freedom Heating and Air Conditioning. We’ll go the extra mile to design a system that helps you spend your money on your mission, not on high energy bills.

As you can imagine, if the ovens are running full blast preparing meals, a little extra comfort in the kitchen area will be welcomed, but maybe a little less is needed in the food prep area.  That’s why having two units at each end of the area works well- the units can be adjusted independently to deliver the comfort needed right where it’s needed most.

We also made sure to mount the outdoor unit up off the ground, so that it would not get buried under snow or risk getting leaves caught in it, as well as shortening the distance of piping needed to accommodate the indoor units. This helps save a little bit of cost as well, and every penny is important to ensure a community services organization like People Incorporated can meet its mission to help their clients.

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