The Webber-Camden neighborhood in Minneapolis has a lot of older homes like this story and a half bungalow.  Like most of these home, this one had no central air conditioning and relies on radiant heat to get through the Winter. The homeowner was tired of the noisy, inefficient window air conditioners, and wanted to make sure the home was comfortable, especially during the hot weather.

The homeowners gave us a call here at Freedom Heating & Air Conditioning to see what we could do to design an efficient and cost-effective solution that would get rid of the ugly, noisy window units for good.

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Year-Round Heat and Air Conditioning Without Ductwork

Best air conditioning solution for MinneapolisWindow air conditioners seem cheap enough when you buy them, even when they have little energy efficient labels attached. But window air conditioners are inefficient- they are energy hogs and can have a significant impact on your monthly energy bills. They take up windows for several months of the year, and they don’t always do a great job keeping the whole room cool and comfortable. And, if you don’t uninstall and store them properly, they can end up with mold and mildew growth that can cause serious breathing issues, especially for anyone with allergies or asthma.

Our homeowners were looking for a better solution, and one that wouldn’t eat up a whole weekend, twice a year, like installing and uninstalling window units does- and it’s rarely a one person job! When they gave us a call, we knew that a Mitsubishi ductless system would be a great option for them.

Mitsubishi ductless, sometimes called a “mini-split”, consists of an outdoor heat pump unit which can serve up to eight indoor, wall mounted units called heads or cassettes. The wall units are designed not only to spread the conditioned air throughout the room, but have sensors to monitor the temperature and humidity to keep it comfortable, as you decide using the handheld remote. These units, using heat pump technology, are great air conditioners, but also act as supplemental heaters, meaning you have the option to add some heat to a room in colder months, making these units a year- round comfort solution that older homes like this one can really use.

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3 Zones of Efficient Heating and Cooling

For this home, three zones of ductless were a perfect solution. We added three indoor units, one in the living room, one in the back bedroom and one in the upstairs bedroom. This meant the downstairs system could make the living space in the home comfortable, and the upstairs system would allow the homeowner to finally have a quiet night’s sleep during the summer!

Each of the indoor units can be operated independently, creating a separate zone of comfort. This means that you can adjust the temperature in one room, while not adjusting the others, allowing you to customize the comfort in your home to your needs. It also means you can shut off the unit when not in use, such as the upstairs bedroom, saving you additional money by not heating or cooling areas not in use.

Ductless HVAC installation in Minneapolis, MN

Mitsubishi ductless systems rely on inverter technology, allowing the system to use the minimum amount of energy necessary to deliver the comfort required, and to maintain that consistent level of comfort. This technology also means less wear and tear on internal parts, making ductless one of the most reliable and low maintenance systems available.

The energy efficiency of Mitsubishi ductless is so terrific, installations like this one qualify for rebates from Xcel energy, making this solution an even better long-term comfort improvement for homes like this one. Between the lower monthly energy bills due to the increased efficiency, the rebates, and the three zones of comfort, our homeowner will have increased comfort and no more dread when opening that energy bill!

Instead of having to install window AC units this Spring, and having to guess the best weekend to set aside for the chore, our homeowner will only have to pull out the remote and turn on the cooling he wants. And if the next day gets unexpectedly chilly, it’s easy enough to add just a touch of heat, without having to turn on the main radiant heating system for the whole house.  

Our homeowners in Camden have gotten year-round comfort throughout their home, along with a whisper-quiet system that will let them sleep like a baby.

In fact, our homeowners were so happy, they left us a great google review:

If you want to get a more peaceful night’s sleep and be more comfortable throughout your home, ditch the window air conditioners and give us a call here at Freedom Heating and Air Conditioning. We can show you how freeing yourself from window air conditioners can bring you great comfort and savings at the same time!

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