Prairie-style bungalows like this one in Southwest Minneapolis are popular because of their great interior finishes and low hipped roof. When these homes were built, central air was not yet important, but as our summers have gotten hotter and more humid for longer periods of time, people have relied on window units to try to stay comfortable.

Window units seem like a good idea- after all, you can put them in the room where you need to be cool, right? But they end up taking up the window for several months of the year, and they don’t always do a great job of keeping a room cool, especially one without a door, since they have a difficult time distributing the cool air through a larger, open space.

The owners of this great home gave us a call because they were looking for a better cooling solution for their home than the window units were delivering. The noisy units were a pain to install and store every year, eating up at least a weekend to get the job done. Then there never seems to be the perfect time to install them either- wait too long, and you spend a week or so sweating, install too early, and you end up freezing as temperature drop unexpectedly.

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3 Zones of Ultra-Efficient Air Conditioning

When we came out to meet with the homeowners, we knew that Mitsubishi ductless could provide them the comfort they craved while adding efficiency and actually save them money on energy bills at the same time. Together we designed a three zone system that would provide comfort on the main floor and in the two upstairs bedrooms as well.

Indoor ductless wall unit installation in Minneapolis

Mitsubishi ductless systems consist of two main parts- an outdoor unit and then indoor units, which are mounted on the wall in the area needing additional comfort - that’s why these systems are sometimes referred to as “mini-splits”. The outdoor unit is a super-efficient heat pump, which can deliver both heating and cooling to your home, giving you not only better cooling comfort than you get with window air conditioners, but also supplemental heat that’s available for those chilly Spring mornings and frosty Fall evenings when a touch of heat would be great, but it doesn’t seem worth it to turn on the heat quite yet.

The Indoor units are mounted up on the wall, out of the way. They use special sensors that monitor both the temperature and humidity levels in a room, and distribute the air evenly throughout the space, getting rid of those hot and cold spots you can find with other solutions like window air conditioners. And by helping with humidity, you’ll never find that you’ll have to peel yourself off a wooden chair in the summer ever again- that sticky feeling will be a thing of the past.

Southwest Minneapolis outdoor ductless unit

The downstairs unit will be able to deliver comfort and distribute it through the main living space downstairs, that has more of an open floor plan, with fewer doors closing off different rooms in the home.

Upstairs, we put a unit in each of the two bedrooms, ensuring that everyone will be able to get the perfect comfort level they need to get a peaceful night’s sleep. Mitsubishi ductless units operate really quietly- at only 22db- as quiet as a whisper!  This means no more loud, clanky, noisy air conditioners, but just the quiet you need to fall asleep while being perfectly comfortable all night long.

The units are controlled by handheld remotes, although we also have wifi controllers and thermostats available as well.  Each indoor unit is controlled independently, which means that the owners can use the remote and add that extra touch of coolness without ever leaving bed, or add a touch of heat on a frosty morning, and not worry about your feet hitting a cold floor, or having to run around trying to keep warm while getting ready in the morning.

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Best of all the units are incredibly energy-efficient- so much so that they qualify for rebates from Xcel Energy. This efficiency is due to inverter technology, which is something you usually only see on high-end whole home HVAC systems. This technology allows the system to use the minimum energy level necessary to maintain the level of comfort wherever you set it- avoiding those big swings in temperature you can get from a main heating system when they kick on- many people refer to it as the cruise control for your HVAC system!

We know our homeowners are really going to appreciate the energy savings they will see in the summer having replaced those old window air conditioners, and even in the Winter, when they can use the new Mitsubishi ductless units to provide that little bit of extra comfort they want, without cranking up the thermostat to heat the whole home.

If your home suffers from hot and cold spots, or you want to get rid of those noisy and inefficient window units, give us a call here at Freedom Heating and Air Conditioning, and we’ll design the perfect system to keep your home comfortable while saving money on energy bills!

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