The homeowners of this cottage-style stucco home in Southwest Minneapolis were relying on window air conditioners to try to keep cool in the summer, but it just wasn’t working for them. The homeowners were looking for a better solution that would let them get rid of the heavy, noisy window units that really cause energy bills to skyrocket during hot weather.

When we sat down with the homeowners to discuss solutions, they also mentioned that their current radiant heating system was doing an ok job, but there were hot and cold spots in the rooms where they spent the bulk of their time.

Window air conditioners can seem like a good solution- after all , you can put them in whatever room you want. But they do take up a window for several months of the year, reducing your light and view. Window air conditioners in first floor windows can also be a security problem, where burglars push in the unit and gain access to the home. That’s not to mention the fact that they are heavy, a pain to install and to store, and worst of all, they are noisy energy hogs that can really jack up your energy bills during hot weather.

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How Does Mitsubishi Ductless Work?

Ductless heat pump installation MinneapolisWhen we came out to the home, we knew right away that a Mitsubishi ductless system would help resolve the problems the family was facing- in fact, we had recently done a similar project for their next-door neighbors! After talking to the homeowners, we recommended three zones of Mitsubishi ductless in order to get them the comfort they craved.

Ductless units run on heat pump technology- they remove heat from the outdoor air and pump it into a home when you need heat, but they can also remove the hot air from your home and put it outside, to act as air conditioning during hot weather. The systems from Mitsubishi also use inverter technology, which allows the system to use the minimum amount of energy in order to keep the comfort level wherever you set it. These systems are so efficient that they qualify for rebates from Xcel Energy, and many of our homeowners see a drop of almost 40% in their energy bills after installation.

The Mitsubishi ductless system has one outdoor condenser unit which can power up to eight indoor wall-mounted cassettes, which typically sit up on the wall, out of the way. The indoor units are equipped with sensors to monitor both the heat and humidity in the room, and distributed the heat or cooling as needed throughout the space. Unlike conventional heating systems, each individual unit can be controlled independently, creating a separate zone of comfort wherever they are located.

The first issue was to provide comfort for the family room. A slightly more powerful unit was installed in order to be able to provide comfort for the family room and the open space on the first floor. We then installed two additional units in the bedrooms, to ensure each bedroom would get the quiet comfort they deserved.

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The Quiet, Comfortable, Flexible Solution They Were Looking For

Mitsubishi ductless is such a big improvement over window units for several reasons. The first is noise level. The cassettes operate at 22db- whisper-quiet. This means you’ll never have to crank up the TV to hear it over the air conditioner ever again, or have trouble falling asleep to the noisy clanking of a window air conditioner as it cycles on and off, ever again.

The second is comfort- every day of the year.  Each Mitsubishi ductless unit is controlled by a remote, and the temperature in each area can be set independently, or even turned off if you aren’t using that space.  That means you can shut off the units in the bedroom when you go to work, and turn them on when you get home, saving you a ton in energy costs just from being able to control the zones individually. Likewise, you can turn off the downstairs unit in the family room when you go to bed, so you aren’t paying to air condition spaces that aren’t in use.

The third is flexibility. The problem with window air conditioners is that you have to decide when to put them in, and when to take them out.  With a permanent solution like Mitsubishi ductless, you’ll never have to worry about those surprisingly cold days after you put in the window units, or those hot days once you put them away- your Mitsubishi ductless units are always there, ready to keep you comfortable no matter what Mother Nature decides to dish out today.

And many of our customers find that the ability to add that touch of heat on chilly days right where they need it means they don’t rely as much on their whole home heating systems. They can delay turning on the heat for the whole house for weeks or more, and that also leads to big energy savings over time. And that’s on top of the little bit of joy you can get from adjusting the heat right from your bedside when it’s a tad too hot or too cold, and be perfectly comfortable in minutes, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep- something everyone of us can use!

And, as you can see from the pictures, we make sure we keep any external runs of piping as short as possible, keeping both the inside and outside beauty of your home our top priority.

Ductless outdoor unit southwest Minneapolis

We were so happy to solve the comfort problems in this home in Southwest Minneapolis! If you have a home with hot and cold spots, or you are just simply ready to be done with moving those heavy, bulky air conditioners twice a year, not to mention the high bills they come with, give us a call here at Freedom Heating and Air Conditioning. We’ll help design the perfect solution for your home, that will meet your needs and your budget and treat you like family!

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