There are a lot of homes like this stucco cottage-style home in Northeast Minneapolis. The Nordeast neighborhood is happening, and many of the older homes in the area are being renovated and updated. Our customer recently bought the home, and the only air conditioning system was a single ductless, cooling-only unit that served the first floor. They wanted more comfort throughout their home, and gave us a call here at Freedom Heating and Air Conditioning to see what we would recommend.

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Upgrading Ductless HVAC for A/C and Heat

When we came out to the home, we spoke to the homeowners about their biggest concerns, listening carefully to make sure we gave them the right solution that would meet their needs and bring them the comfort they craved. The homeowners already had a ductless air conditioning unit that was cooling the lower level of their home, so they knew that ductless was an efficient cooling system, much better than window units. But like in many older homes, older radiator heating systems tend to make some areas in the home comfortable, but other areas always seem too hot or too cold. We suggested replacing the current air conditioning-only ductless unit with one that could provide heating and air conditioning, and adding some extra wall units upstairs, to ensure the whole home was comfortable.

Nordeast HVAC heating upgrade
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Ductless is the Perfect Solution for the Nordeast, MN Home

The new Mitsubishi Electric heat pump systems are ductless – they don’t require adding any bulky ductwork into your home, which means less construction and much less expense in achieving the comfort you want in your home. The units consist of an outdoor heat pump/condenser, that is then hooked up to one or up to eight indoor units. This means that one outdoor unit can serve up to eight zones of comfort in a home, and for homeowners like this one in Nordeast, they could even expand and add additional units in the future, without having the expense of another outdoor portion of the system, making these modular systems by Mitsubishi even more flexible and affordable than other options.

Each indoor unit is controlled, individually, by a handheld remote – but you can also get a wall mounted controller or a cloud controller that will let you control the units from your smartphone! That means each area in your home that has one of the indoor wall units can be controlled as a separate zone of heating or air conditioning, bringing just the comfort you want, right where you need it most.

Ductless heating and cooling for Nordeast

The homeowners were looking for additional comfort in their upstairs master bedroom and office, and Mitsubishi ductless systems are fantastic for bringing comfort along with quiet, to these spaces. The indoor units are typically mounted on the wall, out of the way. They monitor the temperature and humidity in the room, and keep it at the perfect temperature you set. They do all of this with only generating 22db of noise- they really are whisper quiet, and that’s great news if you are looking for a peaceful night’s sleep, or have a conference call and don’t want to have to shout over the background noise a window air conditioner can produce.

Mitsubishi Heat Pump systems are incredibly efficient- so much so that these homeowners qualified for a $200 rebate from Xcel Energy! The systems use inverter technology, that allows them to use just the energy needed to keep a room at a constant level of comfort, whether that’s heating or cooling. It works similarly to the high-end variable speed systems people talk about for central heating and air conditioning systems. This means that homeowners can often see a dramatic reduction in their energy bills when using ductless, and that’s something any homeowner can appreciate!

Efficient Ductless condenser for a Nordeast home
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Comfort On Demand with Ductless

Best of all, the home is now zoned to maximize comfort, meaning our homeowners will finally have the comfort they want, when and where they need it most. They can have the air conditioning running downstairs in the mornings and in the evening, but keep the upstairs units off while not in use, saving money. Likewise, the homeowners will be able to add that touch of heat on frosty mornings from the remote, before they even get out of bed, avoiding the dash across a cold floor when getting ready in the morning. Or they can add a touch of heat upstairs in the office, but not waste money heating the downstairs when no one is there. The separate zones are great for giving you the custom comfort you want, while saving money by not heating and cooling areas when they aren’t in use- savings that can really add up over time.
And as you can see from the pictures, both the indoor and outdoor units are small and we go to great lengths to install them to minimize visible electrical and refrigerant lines, making sure your comfort doesn’t come at a cost of the beauty of your home.

We can’t wait to hear how our homeowners enjoy this Winter and next summer with the added comfort the three zones of Mitsubishi Ductless brings to their home in Northeast Minneapolis. If you have a home in Nordeast or anywhere else in Minneapolis or St. Paul that could use some extra comfort, give us a call here at Freedom Heating and Air Conditioning, and we’ll help design a solution to give you the comfort you crave without spending a fortune on energy bills!

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