In the great neighborhoods in Southwest Minneapolis, stucco bungalow style homes like this are common. They have great features and are super for families. But almost all of them were built without central air conditioning, meaning there’s no ductwork in the home because the homes are heated with radiant heating, hot water radiators or other similar systems.  That means homes like this one are forced to rely on big, bulky and noisy window air conditioning units to get some relief from the heat in the summers, which seem to be getting hotter and more humid every year.

The homeowners here in Southwest MN were tired of lugging around the big, boxy window units every year. These things are heavy and a pain to install and uninstall every year, taking up not only your windows for months on end, but also a weekend, at least, twice a year- it’s never anyone’s favorite chore! Plus, the units are hard to insulate properly, leaving your home open to bugs through the cracks, and even vulnerable to home invasions through that window, by just pushing in the air conditioner and getting access to your home!

Then there’s the issue of storing them properly in the fall. If you don’t take the time to drain and store window units properly, they can begin to harbor mold and mildew, and that can have a really bad effect on anyone with allergies or asthma when the units are reinstalled the next season.

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Switching to Quite, Efficient Ductless Heating and Air Conditioning

Best air conditioning for southwest Minneapolis homesThe homeowners gave us a call here at Freedom Heating and air conditioning, after talking with a friend who had trusted us with an installation in their home. They wanted a system that would get rid of those noisy, inefficient and expensive to run window units once and for all, and give them the quiet comfort they craved.

When we came out to see the home and meet the owners, we talked about their top priorities, and we decided that installing a zone of Mitsubishi ductless in their living room and in their master bedroom would deliver them the comfort they craved.

Mitsubishi ductless, or mini-split systems consist of two parts- an outdoor heat pump condenser unit which can be attached to as many as eight indoor units, and an indoor “head” or cassette that is mounted up on the wall, out of the way.

The indoor unit monitors the whole room for temperature and humidity, and distributes the air throughout the room, eliminating hot and cold spots that you can get with radiators and window air conditioners.

The units are easily controlled by a handheld remote, and each indoor unit can be operated independently, meaning each unit creates an independent zone of comfort. This means when you are spending time in the living room, you can adjust the comfort level there, but not affect the bedroom at all. You can even turn off the units when not in use, which can save you even more money in energy bills compared to other systems.

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No Ductwork, No Problem

Mitsubishi ductless is a heat pump system, that can deliver both air conditioning and supplemental heating as well through the same unit, efficiently all the way down to -13F! So as well as providing world-class cooling in the summer, the homeowners will be able to add a touch of heat when they need it as well. This often means that homeowners can delay turning on the heat in the fall for weeks, and likewise turn it off much earlier in the Spring, since they can easily add just that touch of heat to take the chill off a room with their Mitsubishi Ductless system, without having to crank up the heat for the whole home. This often leads to significant reductions in heating bills as well as cooling, and some customers report as much as a 40% drop in their energy bills after installing ductless in their homes.

Efficient heating and cooling in Minneapolis

Mitsubishi ductless is so efficient in delivering heating and cooling because of its energy-efficient inverter technology. This technology allows the units to deliver the comfort you want on demand, and keep that comfort level consistently by only using the energy needed to keep it comfortable. By not waiting for big swings in temperature to turn off or on, the system uses less energy and it leads to less wear and tear on the system, which means Mitsubishi ductless systems are low maintenance and have outstanding warranties as well.

The energy efficiency of the system is so terrific that homeowners can qualify for rebates- these homeowners got a $200 rebate from Xcel Energy on this installation, helping to make it an even better decision.

Ductless systems like this one will ensure that the homeowners will be able to get a quiet, comfortable night’s sleep every day of the year.  In the summer, they will have the coolness they want, without the banging noise, and never wake up sweaty again.

On frosty fall mornings, they can adjust the temperature before ever getting out of bed, and make sure they don’t have to dance around in the morning, trying to keep warm while getting ready. Once downstairs, they can add that touch of heat that will make having a cup of coffee before work in the living room, starting the day off in perfect comfort.

Mitsubishi ductless will be able to keep them comfortable, while also taking a big bite out of those energy bills at the same time. And we know that if they decide they want additional comfort down the line, they can always add additional indoor units when they want to, making this a budget friendly decision as well.

If you live in Southwest Minneapolis or anywhere in the area and wish there was a better way to stay cool with Spring and Summer just around the corner, give us a call here at Freedom heating and Air conditioning, and we’ll show you how to get free of those window air conditioning units for good, while also adding efficiency and energy savings at the same time!

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