Bungalow homes like this are common in the Hamline-Midway neighborhood in St. Paul. Many of the homes were built before central air was popular, and most folks have been relying on window air conditioners to keep cool in our increasingly hot and humid summers. The Owners of this charming home were relying on a permanently installed 18-year old window unit to provide them some relief from the heat, but it wasn’t keeping up and without central cooling, the homeowners were getting hot under the collar!

When they gave us a call here at Freedom Air, we knew we could help design a solution that would keep them comfortable all year long, and also stay within budget.

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2-Zone Ductless HVAC

When we sat down with the homeowners, their biggest concern was not being able to stay cool in their home. They were using a boiler system with radiant heat to keep the house warm, but without ductwork, they were stuck relying on a permanently installed window air conditioner that was 18 years old, noisy, and inefficient. We offered several options, and the homeowners decided to install two zones of Mitsubishi Ductless heating and cooling.

Mitsubishi ductless systems consist of an outside heat pump unit that is then connected to wall mounted “heads” or cassettes, placed up high on a wall, located in the areas of your home where you most want additional comfort. The indoor units are all operated independently, creating separate zones of heating and cooling right where you need them most. One outdoor condenser, depending on the size, can serve up to eight indoor heads. This allows Mitsubishi ductless systems to be expanded later on, allowing homeowners to add additional heating and cooling capacity at a later date if they need it. This also helps keep Mitsubishi ductless systems budget friendly, so homeowners can decide how much they want to spend, and still have an option to add on later if they choose- that’s something you just can’t do with a standard central heating and air conditioning system.

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The Perfect Solution for Hamline-Midway Homes

Our homeowners opted to start out with two indoor heads, one of the main floor and one on the second floor. We discussed the possibility of adding an additional head in the Master Bedroom, to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep, but decided that we could add that additional unit later on if the customer chose.

Mitsubishi ductless is a great solution for homes like this one in Hamline-Midway because it is able to provide both cooling and heating in the same unit. While the home had a radiant boiler system, our homeowners find that they get hot and cool spots throughout the home. Now they will be able to add that touch of heat that takes the chill out of the living room, for example, when they family wants to snuggle down and watch a movie. The indoor heads run whisper quiet, so the family will never have to crank up the volume on the TV just to overcome the noise from the air conditioning ever again!

The upstairs unit was located above the back door, and it should be able to distribute cool air throughout the second floor, keeping it comfortable all summer long. We do find some people like having perfectly controlled comfort in their master bedrooms, so we made sure that option was preserved as well for our homeowners down the line.

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As you can see from the outdoor unit installation, we take the time to run the required refrigeration lines in a way that matches the home and keeps the beauty of the home intact- they look just like regular gutters, for the most part, and we locate the unit so it’s protected and is less likely to get a lot of yard debris around it, which could affect efficiency.

Our homeowners also qualified for a $200 Xcel Energy rebate because of the efficiency of the new system, which will end up saving them money on energy bills every month, Winter and Summer! Our homeowners also took advantage of financing through The Center of Energy and the Environment, at 4.99% for 10 years, at a cost of $82.00/month. This makes this permanent comfort solution for their home even more affordable.

If you have a home in Hamline Midway, or anywhere throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro area and you need help with heating and cooling solutions, give us a call here at Freedom Air. We’ll design a system that will give terrific comfort to your family, while making sure it works for you without breaking the bank!

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