We love the versatility of ductless air conditioning and heating. It’s able to solve many persistent heating and cooling problems that drive people crazy at home and at work.

When we got a call from Messiah Episcopal Church in Highland to see if we could help make the Rectory more comfortable, we were excited to be able to help.

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Modern, Whisper Quiet Cooling for and Older Building

Ductless heating and cooling installation in St. Paul

When we came down to the Church in Highland, we could see the problem. The building is an older brick building, constructed way before central heat and air were standard.

The two rooms on the second floor, a small office and the Rector’s office, were just not comfortable, especially in the summer. They needed a solution that would provide comfort year-round, but it also had to be quiet and unobtrusive, so not to get in the way of the work and counselling often done by the Rector.

As you can imagine, as head of the Parish, the Rector needs to oversee all aspects of the Church, including counselling of parishioners, helping staff, meeting with members of the community and more. While they may not have lavish furnishings, they do need to be comfortable, especially when many people seeking help are already under stress- no one needs to add “hot and sweaty” or “freezing” to that list!

Just like in home installations of Mitsubishi heat pump systems, these wall mounted ductless units are designed to sit up on the wall, out of the way. They monitor both the heat and humidity in a room, and distribute the cooled or heated air to make sure the room stays perfectly comfortable throughout. Unlike baseboards or window air conditioners that can cause hot and cold spots in a room, ductless ensures every inch of the room is perfectly comfortable.

Ductless indoor unit in St. Paul Rectory
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Energy Efficient Savings with Ductless for the Parish

Mitsubishi ductless systems like this one are super-efficient as well. They employ inverter technology, that allows them to only use the minimum power necessary to maintain a constant, consistent level of comfort in a room. They are so efficient, Xcel Energy offers rebates to help encourage people to adopt this energy – and money- saving option!

The Mitsubishi ductless units are easily controlled through a handheld remote, so you can adjust the temperature as needed from wherever you are in a room. They are also well-known for their whisper-quiet operation of only 22db, something that is especially valuable when you’re conducting meetings and discussing important subjects.

By opting for two units, one for each office, each office can be controlled independently, and used when needed, or turned off completely. This helps make Mitsubishi ductless units even more energy efficient and will help save the parish money, which is especially important for nonprofits like the Church where every dollar needs to stretch a long way to serve the community.

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Year Round Comfort

As you can see, we were able to install the units for each office, using one outdoor heat pump unit which will provide both heating and cooling comfort as needed to each office. Because these units are designed to be modular, one outdoor unit can run multiple – up to 8- indoor units. This means if the Rectory decides it needs additional heating and cooling options for other rooms, it will be easy to add additional indoor units to the existing external heat pump, saving considerably in installation costs.

We were so happy to hear that the Church chose us because of our professionalism and that we provided them with the best possible options, to work within their budget and needs. We pride ourselves on using creativity to create the best possible solutions to meet the comfort and budget needs of all our customers, and we wouldn’t be more pleased to have helped the Episcopal Church in Highland to achieve its goals. Now, whether it’s the dead of Winter or the most humid day in Summer, the Rector and his staff will be able to help the parishioners in perfect comfort, without spending a fortune in energy bills. That’s a happy and peaceful solution for everyone!

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