The neighborhoods in Southwest, Minneapolis are popular, in part for the many parks and trails nearby. Homes like this stucco bungalow are popular, but many have the same thing in common- they were built with no central air conditioning. As a result, homeowners are relying on window air conditioners to see them through the summer, but that’s not always the best choice.

Take our homeowners, for example. Their radiant heating system was working fine, but it still left some hot and cold spots throughout the home. But in the summer, the family was relying on window air conditioners, which were getting to be a problem.

First of all, they are heavy and bulky and a pain to install each year, let alone drain and properly store so you don’t get a buildup of mold and mildew inside. The window units take up windows for months of the year, and because it’s hard to secure them and insulate them properly, you run a security risk by having a window open all summer long, along with creating openings for dust, bugs, and more to get in the house. Then there’s the fact that window units are inefficient, noisy, energy hogs, that can really jack up your energy bills.

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All the Comfort, Without the Ductwork

Ductless line hide instead of ductwork

The owners of this home came to us looking for a better option than the window units. When we came out to the home, we knew that ductless would be a great solution for this home.

Outdoor ductless condenser in Minneapolis, MNWhen homes are built without ductwork, retrofitting them for a forced hot air and air conditioning system requires a ton of construction and is simply cost-prohibitive, as well as disruptive to the many great architectural details you find in homes like this one.

Mitsubishi ductless works without relying on ducts. It consists of two parts, an outdoor condenser heat pump unit and then indoor wall mounted units, called heads or cassettes, that typically sit high up on the wall, out of the way. The indoor units contain a sensor that monitors both the temperature and humidity in a room, and turns on and off as needed to maintain the comfort level you set on an easy to use remote control. The units are incredibly quiet, operating at 22db- about the level of a whisper. This is why this is also a great solution for bedrooms, because it delivers all the comfort you want, but without creating any noise that could jar you from sleep, or mask other noises in the home- like crying children,- that you might not hear over a loud window air conditioner.

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3 Independent Zones of Comfort

Ductless indoor installation Minneapolis MN

For this home, in order to deliver the comfort they wanted throughout the home, we installed three separate zones of Mitsubishi ductless- one in the living room on the first floor, and one in each of the two bedrooms on the second floor.  

Each indoor unit operates independently, so it creates a separate zone of comfort, allowing you to set the temperature of the bedroom to a different level than the living room, or even turn off the units while not in use- saving a significant amount of money in energy bills just by that factor alone.

Efficient Mitsubishi ductless unit Minneapolis

Mitsubishi ductless units are so energy efficient , they qualify for rebates from Xcel energy- these homeowners got a $200 rebate for increasing the efficiency in their home, which helps defray the cost of this significant upgrade in comfort! The units are so efficient because the employ inverter technology, which allows them to us the minimum amount of energy necessary to maintain a consistent level of comfort, and this also reduces the wear and tear on the units components as well, which is why Mitsubishi ductless units come with a great 10 year warranty.

Ductless installation experts in Minnesota While our homeowners were particularly interested in ductless to provide air conditioning, these units also can act as supplemental heaters. This means on frosty fall or Winter mornings, the homeowners will be able to add just a touch of additional heat to their room with the remote before their feet ever hit the floor- no more dancing around to try to keep warm while getting ready in the morning! And many of our customers say that they can delay turning on the heat for the whole home for weeks- or even keep the heat level lower on the main system, and add that touch of additional warmth as needed, right where they need it.

Our homeowners can now customize their comfort throughout the home, and have added additional efficiency that will really cut down on energy bills. We know that their new Mitsubishi Hyper Heat ductless heating and air conditioning system will keep their Southwest home comfortable all year long for years to come, and will take the bite out of high energy bills for years to come as well.

If you have a home without central air conditioning and are tired of the window air conditioner install and storage dance every year, give us a call here at Freedom Heating and Air Conditioning. We’ll help you break free from the trap of window air conditioning units once and for all, while increasing the safety of your home and family at the same time.

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