The Bryn Mawr neighborhood here in Minneapolis, MN is known as one of the most livable neighborhoods in the area, with a variety of homes from Victorians to bungalows and an active neighborhood association. The owners of this story and a half home were starting to work more from home, and comfort during the day was becoming a bigger issue, especially in the hot and humid summer months. The owners were relying on big, bulky window air conditioning units, and it just wasn’t getting the job done. Plus, air conditioners on the first floor can be a security problem, as well as blocking up windows for several months every year.  They wanted a better solution, and gave us a call here at Freedom Heating & Air conditioning to see if we could help.

Goodbye Noisy, Inefficient Air Conditioners

Bryn Mawr ductless installation prosWhen we came out to talk to the homeowner, we wanted to make sure we addressed their main problem- ensuring their home had the comfort they needed and gave them added safety by allowing them to get rid of their window air conditioners, especially on the first floor, once and for all.

Window air conditioners always seem like a cost-effective way to keep your home cool, but most window air conditioners are extremely inefficient and expensive to run. If you think about it, the units sit in an open window, and even if you do a good job adding insulation, you still lose a lot of cool air outdoors and let hot air in from gaps. If the units aren’t installed properly, you can get condensation drips into your windows and walls, leading to mold and more. And, having a window open all summer long can be an invitation for thieves who can push in a first floor unit and get access to your home. In one case in Richfield, the noise from a window air conditioner prevented someone from hearing a burglary that went on while they were home!

We suggested that three zones of Mitsubishi ductless air conditioning and heating would provide the home with the comfort they craved, while actually saving money on energy bills. Together we decided to add zones in the family room, home office and upstairs bedroom.

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Three Zones of Super-Efficient Air Conditioning and Heating

Best heating and air conditioning for Bryn Mawr Minneapolis

Mitsubishi ductless works on heat pump technology. The outdoor condenser unit is attached to up to eight indoor wall-mounted units, called heads, or cassettes, and each head can be controlled and adjusted independently of the rest. That means you get control of the comfort you want in one room, while not affecting the comfort level in the others. This means you can also turn off units, ensuring you save money by not heating or cooling rooms that aren’t in use.

Indoor ductless HVAC example Bryn Mawr MinneapolisThe Mitsubishi ductless units don’t need the bulky ductwork traditional air conditioning systems need, which makes them easy to install without doing expensive construction to your home. But just like high end traditional HVAC systems, Mitsubishi ductless uses inverter technology, which allows the units to monitor the temperature and humidity in a room and make small adjustments, using the least amount of power possible, which saves on energy and wear and tear on motors and parts. This allows Mitsubishi ductless to provide the heating and cooling comfort you want, right where you want it, and eliminate those hot and cold spots in your home without boosting energy bills.

For these homeowners, one of the best features of Mitsubishi ductless units are that they are whisper-quiet. Running at only 22db, our homeowner will be able to take conference calls for work, without anyone ever suspecting they’re working from home! The family will be able to watch TV in the family room, without having to crank up the volume to hear over the window unit, and  will be able to sleep peacefully, without the drone of the AC to make it harder to fall asleep.

As we’ve stated, ductless technology allows these units to work as both air conditioners and supplemental heaters down to -13F! That means they can be used to add that touch of heat you need on cold fall mornings and damp Spring days, without cranking up the main heating system, saving additional money!

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Ductless Installation Rebates for the Win!

As you can see from the pictures, we take as much care to make sure the installation on the outside of the home is as attractive as the installation on the inside, minimizing the external runs of heating and cooling lines, and making sure they blend in as best as possible with your home.

Our homeowners were also eligible for a rebate from Xcel energy to help defray the cost of this installation, which means they were able to significantly upgrade the comfort of their home, and their safety while saving money on energy bills every month of the year.

If you have a home in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood or other areas of Minneapolis/St. Paul and want the comfort and safety Mitsubishi ductless can bring, give us a call here at Freedom Heating and Air Conditioning, and we’ll make sure you get a comfort solution that will help you sleep better every night of the year.

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